New to CLA?

If you’ve never visited with us before, the first thing you should do is come Discover Life with us at our Sunday morning service at 10:00 am! 

Life Connect 

Once a month we have a special gathering immediately following the morning service called “Life Connect”. This is where you can meet our pastors and leadership team and get a chance to learn more about our church.

 Family Night 

If you’re already attending on Sunday mornings and you’re looking to grow deeper, start coming to our discipleship opportunity on Wednesday night called Family Night – we have classes for all ages.  At 6:15 we share a meal together, and then at 7pm the children proceed to their classes and the adults choose Bible Study, Women’s Group, Mom’s Group, or Men’s Group.  


Our next step, would be to sign up for our next membership class to begin the process of becoming a member at CLA.  We encourage all of our members to grow in their gifts and talents by serving in an area of ministry.  As Christ loved us, He also commanded us to go and love others in the same way.  And so we hope that you can find a place not only to grow and be nurtured, but also to nurture and grow others as well. 
Find out more about becoming a member here